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Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea is a British tradition inspired by Duchess Anne of Bedford in the 1800s to provide light refreshment between the lunch and evening meal. The tradition has evolved into a lovely time of sweets, savories, scones, and tea served on a 2- or 3-tier server which can be enjoyed anytime of day. It is often mistakenly referred to as "High Tea", which is a completely different affair. At the Dragonfly Tea Room you have two choices of Afternoon Tea, both of which require a reservation of one day advance notice.

Themed Afternoon Tea 


Includes scones, tea sandwiches and savories, mini desserts and hot or iced tea.



Specific items change according to the season and theme. Each month a new menu is available. Menus are chosen to showcase a particular part of the world. Or other menus are drawn from literature and/or movies. Themed Afternoon Tea is $33/adult, $17/child age 10 and under (starting January 3, 2024

February (Jan 31 to Mar 2)
March 6-30, 2024
Peter Pan Afternoon Tea instagram(2).png
Themed Afternoon Tea menus for 2024
January - Sherlock Holmes
February - Parisian Afternoon Tea
March - Peter Pan
April - Roaring 20s
May - Traditional English Afternoon Tea
June - American Road Trip 2024
July - Unbirthday Afternoon Tea
August - Mary Poppins
September - Around the World in 80 Days
October - Halloween
November - A Wizard's Afternoon Tea
December - Victorian Christmas

For any reservation for the Themed Afternoon Tea, it is expected that each adult in the reservation will have the Themed Afternoon Tea.

When we get  a reservation for Afternoon Tea, the staff work to ensure that all items are prepared and that your table is ready so you have a delightful experience, therefore we depend on an accurate guest count.

Reservation requests can be made by calling 209-622-0811 or filling out the Reservations form.

Classic Afternoon Tea


This is more of an traditional English-style afternoon tea. December Holiday price will be $35/person.

Starting January, 2024, price will be $33/person.

Gluten-free $40/person

Classic Afternoon Tea Menu png.png
For any reservation for the Classic Afternoon Tea it is expected the each adult in the in the reservation will have the Classic Afternoon Tea. An accurate guest count is necessary as we only prepare enough items for the number of guests in the reservation party.
You can request a reservation by calling the tea room at 209-622-0811 or leave a reservation request through the website.
Petite Tea
for children 10 and under
  • scone with jam
  • jam pennies (mini tea sandwiches)
  • fresh fruit
  • shortbread cookie
  • beverage
This must be requested at the time the reservation is made for the Seasonal Afternoon Tea or the Classic Afternoon Tea is made.

Pricing for children is intended for children who have smaller appetites and who accompany their family to Afternoon Tea. This is not intended for a "Children's Tea Party."

Cafe Menu

The Cafe Menu is available for indoor seating and for Take-Out. Reservations are not required.
Everything is made fresh, in-house.


Sandwiches come with cucumber salad or fresh fruit

Dragonfly Classic Sandwiches $12

Artichoke Salad Sandwich 

Chicken Salad Sandwich

California Cucumber Sandwich



Quiche Lorraine

Veggie Quiche

Shepherd's Pie

Classic Salad Plate   $12


Scone $5

Lemon Tart $5

Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake  $5

Victoria Sponge Cake $5

Shortbread Cookies  3/$2


Choose from our vast selection of Tea and Herbal Tea options.
Hot Tea
Pint Mug $5
Personal Pot (2-cup) $6
Pot to Share (4-cup) $9
Tea Latte $5

Iced Tea
Made to Order $5
Iced Tea Latte or Iced Milk Tea $6
Arnold Palmer variations $5.50

Authentic Chai

8 oz mug  $6

pint mug $9

Now Serving Authentic Chai.png
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