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Starting May 27, 2020, we will be open for Dine-In seating. Take-out is still available for the two Afternoon Tea options (The Best of Dragonfly Afternoon Tea, which is the Traditional Afternoon Tea for May; and the Classic Afternoon Tea and for Scones-by-the-Dozen. One day advance notice for both Afternoon Tea options is required.
All Take Out available Wed, Thur, Fri, and Sat. 10 am to 4 pm
To order, call 209-622-0811 or Order Online


Sandwiches come with a side salad. Choose: cucumber salad, pasta salad, or cabbage salad.  Choose “A la carte” or “Combo:” Combo comes with a 16 oz hot or iced tea.

Egg Salad Sandwich   A la carte $10.99  Combo  $14.99

Chicken Salad Sandwich     A la carte $10.99   Combo  $14.99

California Club Sandwich   A la carte $11.99  Combo  $15.99

Autumn Harvest Club Sandwich   A la carte $11.99  Combo $15.99

Greek Chicken Wrap   A la carte $11.99    Combo $15.99


Quiche comes with a side salad. Choose: cucumber salad, pasta salad, cabbage salad, or fruit cup. Choose “A la carte” or “Combo.” Combo comes with a 16 oz hot or iced tea.

Quiche Lorraine   A la carte  $14   Combo $18

Veggie Quiche    A la carte   $13    Combo  $17

The Best of Dragonfly Afternoon Tea

to commemorate our 2 Year Anniversary!

Available for the month of May

3 of our Classic Tea Sandwiches: Chicken Salad, Egg Salad, Cucumber
Scones: Our Beloved Cream Scones with your favorite Valley Cream, Lemon Curd, and Jam
Our most popular desserts in miniature: Fresh Fruit Tart, Almond Tea Cake, Walnut Tart, Bread Pudding
Also included: fresh fruit and cheese and your choice of loose-leaf tea.
$25 per person
Must be ordered at least one day in advance


Scone with 2 toppings   $4.25

Almond Tea Cake   $3.25

Walnut Tart  $4.25

Fresh Fruit Tart  $4.99

Sticky Pudding Toffee Cake  $4.99

Bread Pudding  $5.99

Pavlova Tart  $3.25

Shortbread Cookies  3/$2

Traditional Afternoon Tea 


Includes scones, tea sandwiches and savories, mini desserts and hot or iced tea.


Specific items change according to the season. Each month or two a new menu is offered, based on a holiday or popular food items for the season.

If you have unique dietary needs, please let us know one day in advance.

$25 per person

$30 per person for gluten-free

The Traditional Afternoon Tea is served anytime during normal business hours, but only with a reservation made at least one day in advance.

For any reservation for the Traditional Afternoon Tea, it is expected that each adult in the reservation will have the 

Traditional Afternoon Tea.

When we get  a reservation for Traditional Afternoon Tea, the staff work to ensure that all items are prepared and that your table is ready so you have a delightful experience, therefore we depend on an accurate guest count.

Reservations can be made by calling 209-622-0811 or filling out the Reservations form.

Scones by the Dozen
Afternoon Tea Scones    $18/dozen
Flavors: cream, lavender, poppyseed
  • baked/ready to eat   (+$2 glazed)
  • frozen/ready to bake
comes with choice of toppings
Full Size Scones
$18/6     $36/dozen
Flavors: cream, lavender, poppyseed
  • baked and glazed/ready to eat
  • frozen/ready to bake
comes with choice of toppings
Cinnamon Rolls    $24/6
  • baked and frosted/ready to eat
  • frozen/ready to bake

Classic Afternoon Tea

Available Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat


  • 3 classic tea sandwiches (cucumber, chicken salad, and egg salad),

  • one scone with toppings,

  • fresh fruit,

  • one dessert of your choice,

  • hot or iced tea of your choice.


Served on a 2-tier server. 

$20 per person.

(Gluten-free $25 per person and requires one day advance notice)

Cafe Menu

The Cafe Menu will not be available until further notice
edited May 22, 2020



Wednesday through Friday

Week of May 27-30, 2020

10 am to 4 pm 

Reservations are required the entire week for one of the Afternoon Tea options only.

Shoppers also welcome.
Closed Sunday, Monday, Tuesday


835 W Roseburg Ave.

Modesto, CA 95350

Tel: (209) 622-0811


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