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Judy Robinson

My Story

The Dragonfly Tea Room is a combination of two of my passions: tea and delicious food. Add in a beautiful setting, friendly service, and a fun atmosphere and you have the makings of a memorable occasion. 

​I experienced my first tea room several years ago. From the moment I walked in the door, I was enchanted. The beautiful tables set with darling China dishes, the delicious and fresh food, the pretty presentation, and the extensive list of loose leaf teas were unforgettable.  My ultimate goal was to have just such a tea room here in the Central Valley. Dragonfly Tea Room is the culmination of this goal. The road from an idea to an actual tea room was a long, uncertain, and often stressful one. Practice tea parties, In-Home Tea Parties, earning my Tea Specialist certification, developing my brand and logo, developing my line of teas which I sold at the Modesto Farmers Market, scouting a location, construction of the tea room, and learning how to run a business. Every step was new and brought new obstacles and lessons to learn.

My faith that I was on the road God had set for me kept me going and continues to be my foundation. God has plans for Dragonfly Tea Room, beyond just selling tea and serving great food. It's a meeting place where mothers and daughters, fathers and daughters, sisters, friends, sweethearts, colleagues can gather, relax, leave their cares at the door, and enjoy a special time together.

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